Triennial of religion 2015

Cultures of Religions:
Civilization and Humanity in the Context of the Monotheistic Religions

Judaism, Christianity and Islam have developed proper forms of religious cultures which can be observed in religious ways of live, rituals, religious knowledge, norms of acting, religious aesthetics, in techniques of memorization and their social communication. A prime example are the different forms of cultures of reflected knowledge that have developed in different modes in the various traditions and can be detected in the ways how the relation between theology and philosophy as well as revelation and autonomous reason is conceived of. They influence how the human being and thus the concept of humanity is defined in secular or religious frameworks. It is of historical relevance in which way Judaism, Christianity and Islam have influenced the  development of a European notion of human rights (including religious freedom) and dignity, which are the basis of the political order of Europe. What is the theological basis for these notions of human rights and dignity? What contributions can the three monotheistic religions make to this topic?