Triennial of religion 2016

Feeling Religions:
The Impact of Migration on Religion in Secularized European Countries

The Salzburg Triennal of Religion focusses on the question in which sense religion counts as a significant aspect of secularized European societies. The worldwide migration movement challenging Europe in these days sheds new light on this topic, since religious affiliation counts among the constituents forming the identity of at least a considerable part of nowadays refugees. This year’s Summer School conceives the implications of this situation. How does the current migration affect the landscape of religiosity in European societies? What differences have to be made in this respect as we compare Western Europe to Middle and Eastern European countries? Which, on the other hand, is the impact of the refugee’s precarious situation on their religious life? How do religious aspects of identity interfere with its social and national facets?


Postgraduate and postdoctoral scholars in subjects such as Religious Studies and Sociology of Religion, Theology, Political Science or Philosophy from all over Europe are invited to apply for participation in the Summer School. Scholars from countries in Middle and Eastern Europe can apply for scholarships covering travel grants and accommodation during the summer school. For further details concerning the summer school and the admission process, please refer to the Call for Application.